Your Privacy Matters

Located in Canada, recognizes all Canadian law regarding your personal information.  We cannot legally sell your personal information or email address, and we will never do it.

Banking Information and Security subscribes to 2 different merchant systems to process your credit cards.  You can select between “Paypal” and entering in your credit card information on our site.  This service is provided by “Shopify” and is one the largest online store providers in the world, and is the new industry standard for online commerce.

All transactions are secure.  We cannot see your credit card information. This information is transmitted directly to the merchant provider (the bank) and we only see information to authenticate your identity is real.  In that, we cannot store this financial information, as we don’t collect it.

Your Bank Statements
Your purchase from our stores may appear on your bank statements as one of 3 different names, depending on how you purchase your items.  We will appear as “Executive Media Inc”, “Underwear Canada” or “Fundies” on your bank statements.

Our systems automatically flag suspect transactions. This happens when your personal information you provide does not align with the information connected to your payment method.  We report all fraudulent transaction attempts to the RCMP (National Police in Canada).  If we believe a transaction is fraudulent, it will be terminated immediately.

Shipping Privacy
We do not share the name of the store you purchased from on your package.  We do not include the contents of the package, unless required by local shipping requirements.  We ship as “Men’s Clothing” wherever possible.  We will follow all Canadian requirements for proper designations and duty, as outlines by law.

Newsletters and Accounts
It is against the law to share your personal information in Canada.  Your account is private, and will remain that way.  Our various store newsletters may offer a “newsletter” system, and we require “double opt-in” authentication for your subscription.  You can opt-out at any time.

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