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UnderwearCanada.com is owned and operated by Executive Media Inc, based in Airdrie, AB Canada.  Airdrie is a suburb of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We believe in being open and accountable to you, our cherished customer.  Executive Media is a small business, and our team of dedicated under-fashion-fans depend on your referrals and return shopping.  If our service is not satisfactory, please let us know.

“Our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe and private shopping experience for men and women to purchase men’s underwear and socks.  We offer premium brands across our stores, in a variety of styles.”

Men’s underwear has changed drastically in the last 5 years, and we believe it is going to change 10-fold in the next 5 years.  Men are finally able to enjoy the comfort of support, and softer fabrics.  Men can explore their personal tastes privately, in comfort.  And men can now wear suits and slacks without the ugly prominent seams from bunching boxers, bum-lines from briefs or ill-fit boxer briefs.

We are an online-only store, and do not have a physical address to shop.  By offering an online solution, we are able to reduce our costs as low as possible and pass those savings on to you.

Executive Media Inc is a media company, that provides all aspects of media solutions, including e-commerce.  Executive Media began selling products online in 2003, and continues to do so today.  Our other electronic services include website development, maintenance, hosting, podcasting and more.

Thank you for visiting our growing network of UnderwearCanada stores.  Men’s underwear fashion is changing, and it’s changing quickly.  We appreciate you taking the time to visit us today, and celebrating this new era of men’s underwear.

Your Bank Statements
Your purchase from our stores may appear on your bank statements as one of 3 different names, depending on how you purchase your items.  We will appear as “Executive Media Inc”, “Underwear Canada” or “Fundies” on your bank statements.

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